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About Vermont Citzens for the Public Good (VTCPG)

We are an alliance of many Vermont grassroots organizations who share a common bond in our opposition to the Addison County fracked gas pipeline proposed by Vermont Gas Systems.

We are united by our common vision of a Vermont powered by local, sustainable, and renewable energy without fossil fuels.

We reject the State of Vermont’s abuse of eminent domain, distorting the definition of Public Good in service to the venal profit objectives of Vermont Gas Systems, International Paper, and its business allies.

We see the hypocrisy of our politicians who have banned fracked gas extraction in our own State of Vermont while supporting the Addison County fracked gas pipeline and by that endorsement they have failed the test of moral leadership.

We will not stand silent when millions of fracked gas wells are leaking the Methane that will turn our planet into a ruined and inhospitable

We invite you to join us in the fight to protect our Children’s future.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”50%”]We are the Vermont Citizens for the Public Good.[/pullquote]

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For more information an the Vermont Citizen’s for the Public Good or to inquire as to how you join our fight against the VT Addison County Gas Pipeline, contact VTCPG at

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