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VTCPG Editorials and OP_EDs

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Is “Natural” Gas Clean?

Several years ago, natural gas was identified as a bridge fuel that would enable Vermont (and the U.S) to reduce its carbon foot print during our transition away from fossil fuels. At the time, it seemed as the perfect solution that would buy Vermont, the United States and even the world the time we needed …

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It’s true. I am not proud of the fact, but there it is. He could sell a book to a blind man. He was really good. In his defense, for most of his life he sold Oldsmobiles….one of the oldest brand of cars in the world….cars he said he truly believed in. I did not …

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When I was a teenager and finally left my parent’s house, I rebelled against all the rules I had been forced to accept through the years of growing up and (among other things) bought myself a big bag of Bazooka Bubble gum. I chewed right through that bag…sometimes two or three pieces at a time. …

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Vermont Gas…Good parents?

When my son was young…and him being my first child, I took all sorts of parenting classes…I was terrified I would do parenting wrong…so I gathered all the information and advice I could find. One of the tips I remember being helpful when he was about two, was to offer him simple choices and not …

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VGS officials are saying anything to get project OK’d

(This letter was published in the Addison Independent on April 18th 2013)  We read with great interest the Independent’s editorial last week regarding the need for Vermont Gas Systems to slow down the process of selecting a route for Phase 2 of the Addison Natural Gas Project. As landowners whose property in Shoreham is being …

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Recently Nate and I had a young guest from New Jersey come to our farm.  It was the first time he had been to Vermont and his face was full of awe and admiration from the time he got here to the minute he left. Although he struggled for words…he was able to convey to …

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Common sense says no to pipeline

(Published in the Rutland Heard on August 11th 2013) In recent days I have read several opinions on why natural gas would be Vermont’s savior.  It frustrates me to read the same old arguments again and again.  I believe that they lack good old common sense, even though they are written by good people and …

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Community Forum: How not to build a natural gas pipeline

<>  Posted on April 11, 2013 | By Annette Smith This week’s writer is Annette Smith, executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, a grassroots nonprofit organization based in Danby that follows major energy projects throughout the state. Its objective is to bring “environmental justice and corporate accountability to Vermont communities.” Smith is a paid staff member, …

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Gaz Metropoly-1_1

Gaz Metropoly (written by Jane Palmer)

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Idealists 1, Realists, 0?

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If only we could see farts/ The true cost of things

Cost is a subjective subject. It seems there are a lot of really smart people out there trying to figure out the “true cost” of the Addison Natural Gas Pipeline. I have perused tables and spread sheets and analyses and papers and testimonies…and it comes to my mind that anyone can create a document that …

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I remember the 70’s. Gas lines come to mind. Running out of gas in my grandfather’s Oldsmobile (that got maybe 3 miles per gallon!) sitting in queues that stretched a mile and a half away from the gas station. That was the 70’s! Here we are…it is 2013 and I am pushing 60, and we …

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Addison Independent Rutland Herald Burlington Free Press Seven Days  WCAX    Kristin Carlson, host You Can Quote Me WPTZ    Senior Reporter,  Stewart Ledbetter VPR   Jane Lindholm, host Vermont Edition  Governor Peter Shumlin, 802-828-3333 Senator Bernie Sanders, 800-339-9834 Senator CLAIRE AYER, 802-545-2142 Senator Chris Bray,  802-453-3444 …

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